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We Make Damn Good Tequila

Marquez de Valencia is handmade out of 100% Tequilana-Weber’s blue agave, the old fashioned way by 4th generation agave farmers, making it one of the rarest reposados available.


Great Tequila Recipes

El Marquez

El Marquez

Tequila Tart

Tequila Tart

The Valencia Family

For years, Marquez de Valencia was exclusively enjoyed by friends and members of the Valencia family. It’s distinctive flavors inspired Salvador Valencia to distribute his private label namesake tequila for all to relish.

Salvador’s main purpose of sharing his private label is to introduce others to a distinctively flavorful tequila that’s quality can be savored while being sipped.

It is the only tequila that Salvador Valencia has approved with his signature on every bottle as a sign of the finest quality and flavor.



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Connect With Marquez de Valencia

We take the time and effort to produce our tequila this way because we are proud of Mexican provenance, keeping tradition is important to our family.

We do not mass produce because we want to insure quality and taste of our product.